Miracle Cat Comes Back To Life After A Monster Shot Him With An Arrow And Left Him To Die Slowly

585 views05 February 2017

When stray dogs and cats come into contact with humans, they usually get a few friendly pats and sometimes a bit of food, which is why so many are so trusting of humans.

Unfortunately, last month a friendly, trusting stray cat learned the hard way that not all humans are kind to animals when he was shot by a human with a bow and arrow and then left to suffer in pain and slowly die. Thankfully, an animal-loving New Jersey woman found the feral cat before that could happen.

Every morning before work, Kelly Shannon goes out to feed a few sweet stray neighborhood cats, however, when she went out to feed them one morning last month, she discovered one of her favorites, a male cat named Sparky, was impaled by an arrow.

“In fact, the arrow was still protruding from his body, and it was evident that the person who shot Sparky did so while he was facing the shooter. The arrow struck him in the left shoulder area, and the tip exited his left flank, leaving the shaft embedded in his body,” Sparky’s rescuers explained.

With a neighbor’s help, Shannon got Sparky, who was amazingly calm and friendly despite what had happened, in a travel crate and rushed him to a veterinarian. The vet was convinced he would be able to recover from an injury so bad, but when he examined Sparky’s scans, the vet was stunned to see the arrow miraculously missed all of his vital organs.

The team quickly got to work removing the arrow in surgery, which was thankfully a success. Sparky spent a few days recuperating, got neutered, and was given the rest of his treatments so he could go home with a loving family and start his new life.

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