Military Dog Takes Four Bullets To Save Soldiers’ Lives, Watch What One Soldier Does In Return!

1759 views17 January 2017

This is the picture of a hero. She is a military hero. The images are hard to look at – but this is one amazing story. Our heroes name is Layka, a German shepherd. In May 2012, Layka and her team were in a firefight in an Afghan village. Layka took four bullets to save a fellow soldier’s life. Layka was rushed to the hospital and underwent a seven-hour surgery.

They were able to save her life, but she lost her leg. The bond between handler and dog is something that is strong and lasting. Layka’s handler had that bond with her. Layka had saved his life. Watch the video to see Layka and hear from her owner, who is now her human ‘dad.’

Yes, after she had recovered, he adopted her! Layka retired in August 2012 and is now living a happy, safe life in a loving home. Share away, people!

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