Marine Veteran Loses It When He Sees Who Pushes The Door Open And Runs Toward Him...

26864 views26 September 2016
Bonds between humans and animals can sometimes be the most important bonds there are in life. That’s exactly the case with Chris Galliher and his service dog, Raider. Chris was a Marine for seven years, and he’s said that Raider has been instrumental in helping him adjust back to life at home.

The two were attending a ceremony in Utah when Raider ran away from their hotel room. Chris was distraught, as he soon had to return home to Utah. He thought that if he didn’t find Raider soon, he would never see his friend again. Luckily, Raider was found and brought into the Utah Vet Center. Watch the video below, but be warned: You’ll want to have your tissues handy. It’s a tearjerker.

At the Utah Vet Center he was reunited with Chris, and the two had a tearful reunion that made it’s way onto video and the Internet! Share away, people!

source - heroviral

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