Man Pretends He Wants To Share Food With His Cat. But The Cat’s Response Is Perfect!

807 views03 January 2017

We are all taught at a young age that sharing with others is nice. At least I hope that we all were taught to share. Some people have a hard time sharing. I mean, what if you are eating the last of the Oreos? It can be so hard to share something with another person when you barely have enough for yourself – right?

Nevertheless, it is nice to share. Sometimes you even feel good afterward. What is not okay, is if someone just takes something from you and assumes that you are going to share. The man in this video does just that. He takes the food away from his cat, and the cat isn’t completely willing to share! Just wait until you see how the cat responds!

I think the guy got off too easy! I am not sure I would have been so kind if someone took my food! Share away, people!

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