Man Jumps In The Ocean To Rescue A Gigantic Black Bear From Drowning

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In 2008 a highly unlikely rescue took place close to Alligator Point in Florida, reports The Dodo.

A black bear ventured close to the residential area, searching for something to eat. As it was a dangerous situation, the authorities decided to put him to sleep so they could move him. But the sedative wasn’t strong enough and the animal fled, rushing straight ahead to the ocean in front of the houses.

Unfortunately, once he was in the water, the bear’s muscles started to go to sleep and he suddenly found himself in a death trap. But a hero soon appeared, namely Adam Warwick, a biologist from the Wildlife Conservation Commission.


Adam explained:


    He reared up on his hind legs like you’d see in a movie, just out of the water, and he fell straight back — just a huge splash. He went under for about two or three seconds.


It was at this moment that the young man decided to dive into the water and save the bear from his distress. Grabbing the fur on his back, Adam helped keep the bear’s head above water and started swimming for the beach.


In any sober situation it would have been too dangerous for a man to approach a bear, but the groggy animal allowed for Adam’s worries to fly out the window. By some miracle, neither party was injured in the rescue.

Adam admitted:


I got a few cuts on my feet from the claws and the barnacles, but other than that, I’m doing good.


The bear was transferred to the Osceola forest, one of Florida’s national forests, where he is enjoying his freedom.


Publié par Nancy Warner sur lundi 22 septembre 2014


As amazing as this rescue mission was, it’s important for everyone to take precaution when confronting a wild animal. If you find an injured wild animal, cover your body with protection, and then isolate the animal in a warm space. The first thing you should do once the animal is in a relatively safe place, is call a veterinarian or a qualified wildlife rehabilitator. Find the contact details for every state here.


H/t: The Dodo

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