Man Jailed For Stabbing Dog 9 Times For Pooping On The Floor

1170 views 08 February 2017

This smiling man doesn’t look too harmless – right? Wrong. This man, Patrick Edward Oconnor, 24, lives in Chesterfield Township, located in Michigan and has been arrested for stabbing his dog nine times in February 2016. Why? The dog, named Harley Quinn, had an accident on the floor. During the attack, the dog’s lungs were pierced.

She was taken to the veterinarian by Oconnor’s girlfriend. Harley needed emergency surgery but has recovered from her injuries. At the time, the girlfriend surrendered Harley to the clinic for fear of retaliation. Oconnor pleaded guilty to his crimes – but as you can see by the look on his face, he isn’t sorry. Oconnor has problems with anger management and alcohol.

He could spend four years in jail for stabbing Harley. On a happy note, the veterinarian who saved Harley’s life has adopted her! Share away, people.

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