Loyal Dogs Who Refused To Be Parted With Their Owner Hop Into Ambulance To Comfort Him

396 views05 January 2017
Animals can comfort people in times of need. That is why more and more we are hearing about animals being taken to hospitals and to nursing homes. The joy and comfort animals can give humans seems to have some healing powers. Here is a different kind of story that you may not have heard before.

Some paramedics allowed two dogs to ride in the ambulance with their owner in Chimbote, Peru. The dog’s owner had been drinking and hurt his head after he fell.

His dog’s never left his side. So, when the paramedics had him in the ambulance, the dogs hopped in!

Not only were the dogs allowed to ride with their owner to the hospital, but they were also allowed to stay with him at the hospital. According to the Daily Mail, one dog stayed at his feet while the other laid next to him on the stretcher (and these are not small dogs either!). The hospital security cameras showed that the two dogs never left his side.

It appeared that the dogs had no other caretaker. The trio waited together until the doctor arrived to examine the man.

There was no information about the man and the extent of his injuries. But, Joha Morillas Zapata, a hospital intern posted pictures later in the day that showed the man in a wheelchair.

No surprise to see his two best friends at his feet. This just goes to show you that dogs are man’s best friend. Even if you do something silly like get drunk and then get hurt – your dogs will still love you. Share away, people!

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