Little Girl Starts Crying After Seeing A Black Kitten In Her Room. Then Mom Captured It

502 views14 January 2017
It is hard to lose a pet – if you have ever lost one, you know how hard it is. If it is hard for adults, imagine how the death of a pet affects young children. More than a year ago, nine-year-old Marley lost her cat, Simon (a black cat).

She was understandably devastated with the loss. The family had two other cats, two dogs, and a guinea pig – but Marley kept asking for another kitten. But, then Ella came into their lives.

Ella was a tiny black kitten that was found under a neighbor’s porch with a litter mate. They think the momma cat was killed on the street. The kittens were raised and old enough to be adopted. Nikki Frost, Marley’s mom, just so happened to meet Ella.

Nikki didn’t have any plans to bring home a new cat – but somethings cannot be helped. Nikki put Ella in Marley’s room and waited for her daughter to come home from school. You can tell Marley had no clue what was about to happen.

She goes from utter joy to tears (of joy!). One look inside the box and Marley is excited, then boom, tears. I lost it when Marley squeaked out “Do I get to keep it?” Ella has grown up a lot this past summer.

Nikki said Ella is a cuddly and very friendly cat. You can tell that Marley has taken good care of her new friend. Thank you, Nikki, for sharing this touching story. Share away, people!

[h/t LoveMeow]

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