This Kitten Was Fast Asleep, But When His Daddy Plays The Music, This Happens

1832 views 19 September 2016
Have you seen a cat dance? Of course, you have! But, have you seen a kitten dance? This kitten not only moves but also dances mesmerizingly in his sleep! Meet the dancing kitten, li’l Twitch a.k.a Twitch Chessie Tango! The star of our show is deep in slumber and perhaps dreaming of a rock star when his person plays Kevin McLeod’s Sneaky Snitch aloud. Then the most surprising thing happens. Twitch starts to tap dance in his sleep!

When the music starts, an overwhelming rush to dance accumulates in Twitch’s head, tail and paws. He starts with a stunning debut with his tail, then twitches his paws criss-cross, diagonal, horizontal and then you lose your mind in his awesome moves! Christened for his innate superpower of dancing, Twitch is one of the best dancing cats you will ever see.

How do you think this kitten learned so many moves as a newborn? I bet mommy has something to do with it! Don’t forget to share this stunning video with your friends too!

Source = heroviral

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