Man Saw Kitten Fall From Bridge And Rushed To Save Her

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It was a year ago, on September 8, 2015. A man was walking by a river in Japan when he saw a kitten falling from a bridge. The kitten landed in the bushes; he ran over to see if the cat was okay. The calico kitty was alive but was cowering under the bushes.

When he pulled her out, he noticed the small cat’s hind legs were paralyzed. The only thing he thought to do was to help save the kitten’s life. He softly stroked the terrified kitten and whispered for her to come home with him and everything would be okay.

As he spoke to her and lovingly pet her, she seemed to understand she was safe, and she relaxed. The man got her medical attention and cared for her around the clock. He named her Nene.

Nene moved into her new home but was still a little scared. Nene was also weak. After inhaling a bowl of food, she started to feel better.

A friendly ginger cat named, Uzu, who is also a rescue came to say hello to her new sibling. The day after the kitten was found, the area flooded.

If the man hadn’t saved her, she would have drowned. Nene’s appetite increased after three days. Five days after being saved, Nene and Uzu were best friends!

Nene got stronger and regained control of her back legs. Slowly, her muscles got stronger she started to walk.

Nene is a completely different girl one year later! Watch Nene’s story below. Follow Nene and Uzu on Facebook for updates.

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