Kind Man Comforts Dying Dog Who Was Struck By A Reckless Hit And Run Driver

5776 views24 January 2017

Be careful and mindful of how you drive on the road – you may endanger someone’s life. In worst cases, they may be killed due to a rash act.

Earlier on last year on 13 March, a man named Eric was walking on the streets of in Fairfield, California when he witnessed a car hit a dog and quickly drove away. Eric stopped and ran up to check on the dog while calling local Animal Control. He laid on the ground to comfort and shield the injured dog from the rain till help arrived to ferry the dog to the nearest animal clinic.

The good Samaritan was photographed in doing so, which went viral on Facebook – the online community has expressed positive thoughts of appreciation for his kind deed.

Unfortunately, the dog did not make it and died from its injuries.

The kindness and compassion of Eric has allowed the dog to cross the rainbow bridge with a peaceful state of mind in its last moments of human kindness. Rest in Peace, dear pooch.

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