Innocent Wolf Killed After Visitors Break Zoo Rules

993 views12 February 2017

A wolf was killed at the Menominee Park Zoo in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. After a worker left a gate open to an area that is off-limits visitors went into the area. While a mother was busy taking pictures of the wolves, her 4-year-old stuck his finger through the fence and a 12-year-old wolf, named Rebel, nibbled on his fingers.

The child suffered four small puncture wounds. The Division of Public Health got involved and considered Rebel a rabies threat. The parents of the child were allowed to choose to either give their child a rabies shot or have Rebel killed and then test to see if Rebel had rabies. Rebel had shot records that said he was up to date on his rabies shots.

The parents opted to have the wolf killed, he was negative for rabies. This animal didn’t have to die – the parents should have NOT been the ones to make this decision. Share if you agree, people.

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