Husky Puppy Found With His Mouth Tied Shut And His Legs Broken, But Look How Far He’s Come

3017 views22 December 2016

When the team over at Ranch Dog Rescue discovered Kane the husky, the 5-month-old pup was in horrible shape. His owners, a couple who were both Marines, had kept his muzzle closed with rubber bands for so long that he had scarring down to the bone. His back legs were also broken and his teeth were rotten.

Right away, he was placed into intensive care, and everyone crossed their fingers that he would be able to pull through.

A Marine couple severely abused a 5-month-old husky puppy named Kane. He was muzzled with tight rubber bands, his teeth were rotten, and his legs broken. Thankfully, rescuers found him just in time—but his recovery wouldn’t be easy

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