This Man Almost Walked Right Past This Homeless Dog. But The Moment He Stops...

3283 views15 September 2016
No matter how old you are or who you are, no one really likes to be alone. The younger you are the harder it is to understand why you are alone. Young dogs or cats are at a disadvantage if left alone or abandoned. For one lonely puppy in Greece, finding a man walking along the road was the best thing!

The man saw a puppy that had been left on the side of the road. When she saw him, he couldn’t believe his eyes! The man reportedly returned for the puppy a few days in a row after the video was taken. He had to call animal services to come help him collect the young dog.

Hopefully, this friendly ball of fluff is now in a loving home getting all the attention she deserves! She is a cutie! Share away, people!

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