Homeless Pit Bull Is So Happy When He Realizes Help Has Finally Arrived

1721 views27 February 2017

If you see a homeless, helpless animal in need in your neighborhood, would you rush to their rescue?

Many people would want to do something to help in such a situation, but the truth is that it can be too dangerous for an untrained animal lover. That’s why we’re so grateful for the amazing heroes of rescue organizations like California-based Hope For Paws, who go above and beyond the call of duty to give stray dogs and other homeless animals a second chance at a good life.

Many times, abandoned or stray animals on the street will be mixed breed dogs, like pit bulls or terriers. Unlike many stray dogs who don’t want to be captured by their rescuers, in the following Hope For Paws clip, we see how founder Eldad Hagar and his team of heroes save Brutus, a mixed pit bull/bulldog who was far from terrified to come in contact with the rescuers.

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