His Owners Surrended Him Because He Was ‘Too Mean’ — Shelter Workers Quickly See Past Their Lie

1065 views04 February 2017

Surrendering your dog to the animal shelter is a choice you make. The reasons you have may be legitimate or they may not. Many times a dog (or cat) is surrendered because there is a financial or behavioral problem that can’t be fixed. If you have ever owned a dog, you know that you can train them to do a lot of things.

You can even train them to be aggressive. A dog who bites was trained (or not trained properly) to have that behavior. A 5-year-old Chihuahua named Quarter was surrendered to a Los Angeles animal shelter because he was too ‘aggressive.’

The shelter staff made a note and were careful around Quarter. Quarter reportedly nipped a staff member and was placed in quarantine.

Little Diva Rescue took over Quarter’s care three weeks later. Quarter was given a new name, Teddy, and got a check-up at the vet.

Traci Jean Gallegos-Schuver, a foster and transport coordinator for Little Diva, noticed that Teddy was not showing any signs of aggression – the vet agreed.

Teddy was fearful, but not aggressive. Traci fostered Teddy in her home. Teddy has not shown any signs of aggression to anyone.

Labeling a dog as aggressive is a dangerous thing.

They are treated differently and not given a chance. The truth about Teddy was clear – he is not an aggressive dog.

But, he is much happier now than he has ever been! Teddy was adopted by a family in Virginia.

They are happy to report there is no sign of aggression in Teddy – look, he likes belly rubs!

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