His Head Was Decapitated In A Car Crash, But Doctors Saved His Life And Reattached It!

3941 views11 February 2017

In October of last year, Jackson Taylor, 16-months old, was in the car with his mother, Rylea, and sister, Shane, when they were involved in a car accident. The Taylor’s car was traveling at about 70mph. The incredible force of the crash caused Jackson’s head to separate from his neck, it is called an internal decapitation.

Jackson was taken to a hospital in Brisbane where Dr. Geoff Askin, a spinal surgeon, and his team performed a six-hour surgery to reattach Jackson’s head. They used wire and a piece of Jackson’s rib to reattach Jackson’s vertebrae. Dr. Askin has been called the “godfather of spinal surgery” in Australia. Jackson had to wear a medical halo of 8 weeks for his neck to heal.

Doctors say he will live a normal life once the halo has been removed. Jackson’s dad, Andrew said his family is very grateful. Rylea called the surgery a miracle. Share away, people.

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