His Dog Is Acting Strange All Night. Then He Finds This Hidden In The Walls…

9900 views12 February 2017

A 17-pound dog called Carl found his forever loving home and he went home with Drew, away from the San Diego Humane Society. One night Carl started barking frantically inside the apartment and it woke Drew up. Drew tried to calm Carl down, but every time he tried to sleep, Carl would wake him up again with the barking.

Finally Drew decided to investigate and so he turned on the lights and couldn’t believe what he saw. The entire apartment was filled with smoke and Carl could see it, Drew couldn’t. They quickly ran out of the apartment and in just a few moments, a massive fire broke out. Had it not been for Carl, Drew wouldn’t have made it back outside safely..

Drew recalls what happened that night and said that he’d forever be grateful to his beloved dog Carl for saving his life. This is just another reason to adopt a pet from a shelter! Share away, people! Good job Carl!

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