Heroic Kids Crawl Into Collapsed Drain Pipe To Rescue Dog Trapped Inside For 15 Hours

483 views28 February 2017
Dogs are extremely determined animals, and as most dog owners know, when they set their mind on something, they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Normally, it’s not a problem, but when one red tick coonhound spotted a raccoon while on a night hunting trip, she got herself into some serious trouble. The five-year-old dog named Penny had been out with her owner on Saturday night and ended up trapped after chasing the wild animal into a small drainage pipe.

Penny’s owner immediately started searching for the dog after she ran off, and finally found her after hearing her crying from inside the collapsed pipe. The family tried to coax her out for hours, but when they realized how stuck she was, they called a rescue team.

Since it was already around midnight and Penny didn’t seem to be injured, the team waited until daylight the next morning to start the rescue, but even their initial efforts to free Penny all failed. “We tried pushing the dog backwards, and that didn’t work. We tried to pull her out backwards,” said Kevin “Bucky” Ayers, captain of the mission. “Every time we would get the rope around her leg, it would slip off.”

Penny’s owner, Stacy Rickers, decided to get his mini excavator to dig part of the pipe out.“He got it and dug one section of the pipe out so we could get closer to the dog. I tried to crawl in, but I was too big,” Ayers said. The pipe was way too small for an adult to squeeze into, but thankfully Doyle “Bubby” Carter and his little sister Kailee Carter, Rickers’ fiance’s kids, were happy to help free their beloved dog.

The kids managed to crawl inside and tie a rope around Penny, and the rescue team was finally able to pull her free after the 15-hour rescue. “She drank about a half gallon of water and got a sausage biscuit when she got out,” the kid’s mom Casey Carter said. “I was amazed at the rescue squad and I’m proud of the kids. That’s something they will remember for the rest of their lives. The kids were our only option, and they were all for it.”

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