Heroic Dog Finds A Little Boy Abandoned In Minus 5-Degree Weather And Knows Exactly What To Do

961 views26 February 2017
Imagine being stranded in Siberia on a night when the temperatures dipped will below freezing. You have no food, no water, and only an abandoned porch as shelter. Oh, one more thing – you are only 2-years-old. No way any child could survive under those conditions.

One lucky 2-year-old did survive – but only because a dog found him and stayed with him. The dog was just a local dog, not owned by anyone. Thankfully, neighbors found the little boy on the second day, and he didn’t have to spend another night outdoors.

The boy did have acute hypothermia, but if it hadn’t been for the dog, the little boy surely would have perished. The boy’s mother returned home a few days later and is facing a prison sentence.

That sounds about right – her parental rights should be severed as well. The dog is now a local hero! Share away, people!

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