Hero Firefighter Adopts Baby Girl He Delivered After Responding To An Emergency Call

7423 views03 February 2017

When one South Carolina firefighter responded to an emergency call for a pregnant woman in labor one November night, he figured he would just be transporting her to the nearest hospital.

By the time they got to the woman, the crew realized they wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time and would have to improvise. “It was just a somewhat normal call. Very quickly we realized that it was going to be a life changer for us,” Myrtle Beach-based fireman Marc Hadden said.

While on the way to the hospital, Hadden ended up delivering the baby girl, who he later found out was immediately put up for adoption. Hadden, a father of two, couldn’t bare the thought of leaving the baby behind and called his wife Beth to talk about their options.

“Ever since we had the boys, we knew that we wanted more children, but I was preterm with them, so we knew that it wasn’t possible to have any more babies. And we had it in our minds and in our hearts for years to adopt, and we just left it in God’s hands. We said if it’s meant to be, it will be.”

That same night, the Haddens adopted the baby, who they named Grace, and signed the adoption papers and brought her home 48 hours later. “As soon as we signed the papers I looked a Marc and went, ‘Oh my gosh, we have to pay for a wedding.’ I was like, that was my first thought? I guess just having a girl is so different after having two boys,” Beth said.

Because of how quickly everything happened, the family had no time to prepare for Grace’s arrival and didn’t have enough space for her in their home, but thankfully friends and family helped raise enough money to build an additional bedroom for Grace to their house. “I don’t know what we would have done because we have definitely outgrown our home. So we’re just truly blessed to have friends that will pull together for us like this,” Hadden said

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