Heartless Owner Abandons Poor Dog On A Dirt Road. Then Gets Exposed On Facebook

459 views22 December 2016
Banjo’s former owner just left him on a dirt road in California. Banjo, being a loyal dog didn’t want to leave the spot. He stayed there for days without food or water. He was freezing and starving. Brooke Rapozo found him and wrote an open letter to the so called owner who left Banjo alone to die.

The letter soon went viral. In the letter, she called the owner a POS (rightfully so). What kind of person leaves a dog out in the world without food or shelter?

A POS, that is who abandons their dog. Brooke wrote that Banjo thought his owner would return, so he stayed and waited. Banjo was forced to eat sticks.

Some people had dropped off food, but Banjo was still hungry, and he wouldn’t leave the spot.

When Brooke, who is from Kings SPCA-Rescue found Banjo, he was curled up in a tiny ball, confused and scared.

Brooke and Yvonne who is from Raven’s Rescue BullyBreed Sanctuary sat there with Banjo for several hours. They talked to him, sang, and offered him a blanket.

Finally, he came to them at started to eat out of their hands. He finally let go. Banjo let them pet his belly. They got a leash on him and took him away from that sad and lonely place.

In the end, Brooke said that her dog would forget his former owner. Banjo would now know only love and will live in a good home.

Today, Banjo is a new dog! Happy and living life to it fullest! Share away, people.

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