He Looks Into A Sad Shelter Dog’s Eyes, Then He Notices THIS About The Floor...

6885 views09 September 2016
Blogger, Stuart Edge, decided to volunteer at an animal shelter. He just wanted to give his time and love to the lonely dogs living at the Janice R. Johnson Center for Animals in Deseret, UT. One thing that struck him was the sadness he could see on the faces of the dogs. Yes, they had food and water. But most of them slept on the concrete part of their kennel floor.

On his way out that day, he asked if he could do more for the dogs. They said the dogs would probably appreciate some dog beds. Edge had a few friends help him go to the pet store and buy dog beds (those things are not cheap, let me tell you!) They gathered up the dogs beds and headed to the shelter! The five-minute video below documents the purchasing and gifting of the beds! Watch the love and enjoy!

Source : heroviral.com

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