He Didn’t Always Walk Crooked. But When He Peed On The Floor, His Former Humans Beat Him

655 views06 January 2017

One of the most tragic things in the world is animals being mistreated by their owners. This little pup, known as Baxter, was hurt so horribly by his former owners that he was knocked unconscious. The Nebraska Humane Society discovered him, lifeless and almost dying. They weren’t even sure whether he’d survive this terrible attack. Thankfully, he did.

Even though he made it through, he sustained permanent brain damage, which in turn causes him to walk crooked. He now has difficulty keeping his little body upright. Regardless of his physical challenges, he is still a very adoring and gentle dog and embraces affection.

Once, a little girl asked if he would walk straight again when he’s in heaven. He will most likely, but right this moment, he’s making the most of his little bit of heaven on Earth.

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