He Adopted A Puppy Off The Streets. When She Gets A Little Older He Realizes… Oh My!

24716 views11 February 2017

Many people choose to have pure breed dogs over mixed breeds, believing that they’re just more beautiful and easier to deal with. Little do they know that regardless of the breed, dogs are all capable of love and deserve to find forever homes of their own. The lineage of a dog shouldn’t be valued over their well-being, and there’s no guarantee that a pure breed will be any better behaved than a mutt.

So when this man heard about a homeless puppy that desperately needed someone to take her in, he jumped at the first opportunity he could to bring the pooch into his home.

Named Phoebe, all he needed was to take one look at her to tell that she was special. She had intriguing blonde markings on her body that kind of spelled “husky”, but he couldn’t be for sure.

As she grew, she became more and more fluffy, and her personality definitely started to shine through.

It turned out that Phoebe was a husky retriever mix, and that came with a lot of fluffy cuddles and a winning personality. She still has a lot of growing to do, but it’s likely that she’ll be just as adorable as these other husky retriever mixes.

It’s a bit of a gamble know what she’ll look like when she’s all grown up, as these mixes tend to not really look a lot like each other, but we can all wait with bated breath until then. We can all bet it’s going to include a really fluffy coat, though.

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