If You Watch Only One Feel Good Video Today, This Should Be It!

626 views14 September 2016
Greg Mahle is the man behind Rescue Road Trips. He travels around the south, going to animal shelters that have high kill rates (which happens when there just isn’t anywhere for the dogs to go). Greg picks up as many dogs as he can, and takes them from the south back up to New England.

He says that in all, the average trip takes about a week, but that’s all worth it for Greg. He says that the best part of the job is handing one of the dogs to a child who’s just now getting their first pet. He also says that his first dog taught him out to be a better person. Greg is an incredible person, and according to him, he’s in this business because he loves dogs, and he loves bringing joy to people.

I’m sure they all love him, too. We need more people like Greg Mahle in our world. Share if you agree, people!

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