WATCH: Fisherman Feeds Huge Flock Of Bald Eagles

1869 views17 September 2016
What sort of birds do you usually associate with docks and ports? Seagulls, maybe, or pelicans, or another species that tends to hang out around water? Well in Dutch Harbor in Alaska, the most common bird you’ll find is a bald eagle! Yes, that’s right! And it’s all thanks to commercial fisherman Jessie Peek. This amazing guy feeds fish scraps to the immense flock of birds gathered around the dock.

He hand feeds them easily and watches as they happily pick up yummy bits of fish as a little snack! If that wasn’t incredible enough, after he’s done, he takes the camera and shows us the huge number of eagles perched on every imaginable surface around the dock. There are so many of them; it’s such a rare sight!

According to Peek, this is “just another day in Alaska” – if that’s the case, then I know where I’m heading to for my next vacation! Don’t forget to like and share this wonderful video with your friends!


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