Family Find A Massive Snake On Their Lawn, Immediately Call For Help When They See Its Mouth

1809 views07 January 2017
Scott Mullin is a firefighter in Florida. He shared a shocking story on his Facebook page. A homeowner has called about a snake found on their lawn. It wasn’t so much that there was a snake on the lawn – the condition of the snake was the bigger issue. The ball pythons’ mouth had been sewn shut.

According to Mullins, ball pythons are quite docile and are popular pets. This poor snake probably had her mouth sewn shut as part of a religious ceremony. Mullin was able to get the snake to a friend who breeds snakes.

They took off the string binding the snake’s mouth and started her on some medicine to treat her fungal infection. It is not clear how long the snake had lived with her mouth like that. The important thing is that she is on the mend. Share away, people.

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