Family Abandons Deaf Dog Stung By Thousands Of Bees Because It ‘Became Too Much To Handle’

1677 views26 December 2016
Playing outside is not without its dangers. If you can find a place to play that is far from the road and cars, then you are lucky. Being able to run wild field has got to be exhilarating – if you are a dog, I am not sure many adult humans would frolic in a field for fun! Stinger was enjoying a day outside.

He is a deaf ten-month-old pit bull mix. Sadly, Stinger picked a very bad spot to roll around on and ended up getting stung by thousands of ground bees.

Not surprisingly, he had a terrible allergic reaction and was taken to the vet. The whole incident was just too much for Stinger’s human parents, so they just left him.

A rescue group in Michigan called LuvnPupz stepped in and is making sure Stinger is getting the proper medical care and a lot of TLC as he recovers.

As you can imagine, Stinger wasn’t too playful when he first arrived. But he is now showing signs of improvement and would like to play!

Bee stings were not Stingers only problems, however. Stinger was also suffering from scabies and was severely underweight. Scabies is a highly contagious disease of the skin.

Seems like Stinger’s owners may not have been all that honest about what happened to him. From all his issues, seems like they gave up on him a long time ago.

Happily, Stinger is in a better place and getting the care he needs and deserves. Feel better soon, Stinger!

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