Little Boy Sets Up The “Pie In The Face Game.” Now Watch The Dog Play. (VIDEO)

7954 views19 September 2016
A big attraction at carnivals is the pie face game. Someone stands behind a board with a hole cut in, and they put their face in the hole. Then people throw pies at them hoping to hit them in the face! A company made a home version of this game so the fun can continue without a trip to the carnival!

In this video, we have a family dog who is in love with this game, and he doesn’t mind being hit in the face with the pie! Macky the Rottweiler is missing the point of the game itself (you should not let the pie hit you)! To Macky, the whole point of the game seems to be to eat the pie!

I can see his point, if you get hit with the pie, you can lick off the cream! In Macky’s opinion, he has won the game – he got to eat the pie! Share away, people!

Source = heroviral

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