They Plan To Euthanize This Dog. But When A Stranger Enters His Pen? BEAUTIFUL.

2262 views20 September 2016
Dogs are often labelled as aggressive unjustly. As an example, many cities ban people from owning pit bulls because it is assumed that the entire breed is dangerous and aggressive. Of course, that isn’t the case. Well, in Johannesburg, South Africa, this dog was found wandering around an open prison. He’s named Cerberus, and he, too, was unjustly labelled as aggressive.

This label led to him being scheduled to be put to sleep. Luckily for him, the SPCA postponed his sentence and allowed a young woman to spend time with the dog to see if he could be rehabilitated. The woman, who goes by the handle 22bradshaw on YouTube, worked carefully but quickly to save Cerberus’s life. And you know what? That’s exactly what she did.

After watching that video and you could see her tell the incredible story of how she saved this dog’s life. Share away, people!

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