He Picked Up An Egg And It Started Hatching. What Comes Out Will Leave You Breathless.

7583 views 14 September 2016
Birth is a special thing, a miracle that allows life to continue. And babies are special, precious things. Many people have been around to see the birth of a special person in their life, a child or grandchild, but getting to witness an animal entering this world is an experience that not many people have. The man in this video takes that one step further, and an animal enters the world in the very palm of his hand.

He holds a small egg which hatches into an adorable chameleon over the course of a few minutes. All of this has been captured on film, and you can watch the entire process as the the egg goes from perfect, untracked surface, to a small split, to a standing baby chameleon, looking up at the man and the camera with amazement in its little eyes.

This is pure magic! Share away, people!

Source = heroviral

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