Bikers Save A Terrified, Drowning Horse Moments Before Death (VIDEO)

704 views14 September 2016
A group of cyclists in France were out riding when they saw something struggling off the side of the road. When they approached, they saw a horse that was on the brink of death stuck in a thick bog. Each movement the horse made just sapped all the strength out of him, and still he sank deeper and deeper.

Everyone realized that if they didn’t help, the horse would die – either from exhaustion, starvation or from sinking completely into the bog. Luckily, the cyclists quickly sprang to action! The effort wasn’t very pretty, but they accomplished their goal and freed the horse. They found a rope and wrapped it around the body of the horse as best they could.

After pulling and pulling, the horse was on dry land! After such an ordeal, the horse was shaken, but he is much happier thanks to the kind cyclists! Share away, people.

Source = heroviral

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