Dolphin Acts Strange And Drifts To The Floor. Then Divers Look Closer And See It...

7918 views09 September 2016
If one walked down the street and saw each tiny baby as a little miracle, we can almost guarantee that this way of thinking would totally lift your spirits! Sure, humans, as well as animals of all kinds give birth every day, but if you’re a mom, you know the hard work and sacrifice that goes into carrying a child, regardless of species.

There almost seems to be an interspecies understanding of what it means to be a mother, as shown by one orangutan’s meaningful stare when a zoo visitor decided to breastfeed her baby next to the animal’s enclosure.

If we’re lucky, we can witness amazing animal births, and share the beautiful moment with the rest of the world by recording it (without bothering the mother, of course). Many have shared the incredible footage of tiger births, deer births, and even alligator births on the internet, and we simply can’t get enough!

Now, check out the amazing moment a mother dolphin gives life in the ocean — definitely one that would be a tad bit harder to capture on camera.

The dolphin meets a few divers and seems at ease with them. But look closely at her tail: There’s an unexpected surprise attached, and when you first notice it, you’ll be totally taken aback.

Watch the strangely peaceful clip to witness the miraculous birth of a baby dolphin.

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Warning: Some images may be too graphic for some readers.

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