Golden Retriever Hops Into The Ocean. But Keep An Eye On That Gray Fin…

7629 views18 September 2016
Do you have a dog that loves to be in the water?

One of my pups hates the water, but the other will jump right into the pool if you’re not watching him closely!

A tour boat in the Florida Keys has a pup that not only loves the water, she also enjoys making friends with the creatures that live in the ocean!

Maya is an adventurous golden retriever. One day, she hopped off the boat and began swimming toward a group of dolphins. She looked back at Mom to see if it was OK to go further, and when Mom gave the go-ahead, she kept paddling toward the strangers.

Now, Maya loves to greet her dolphin friends any chance that she gets! She has developed friendships with the different dolphins, as they recognize her when they’re swimming by and she remembers them.

She loves the younger dolphins because they are willing to play around in the ocean with her. You can see all of the fun Maya has with her friends in the video below! What would you do if your dog jumped off your boat while out on the ocean?

If you loved this dog swimming with dolphins, you will also enjoy this video of a dog swimming out to sea to make friends with a seal.

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