New Dad Kisses His Tiny Baby. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Jealous Dog... PERFECT!

6429 views09 September 2016
For the longest time, a little dog named Yoga was the focus of all the love and attention of her amazing mom and dad. She loved her forever home more than anything in the world, but she especially loved how much attention her humans gave her around the clock.

But suddenly, things began to change. She noticed that her mom’s stomach began to get bigger and bigger as the months rolled by, and soon enough they changed a whole room and added what looked to be a new doggie bed, but was too high up off the ground for Yoga to jump into!

Then one day, her mom began to cry in pain while holding her big stomach, and her mom and dad left for a while. Eventually, they came back, but they brought something quite bizarre with them! A little squirming bundle who seemed to make weird noises every once in a while. It turns out that Yoga’s mom had her own puppy! With her parents home, she could expect things to go back to normal soon enough.

But Yoga began to realize that they were giving hugs and kisses to this new puppy quite often. And even though Yoga was being given just about as much love and attention as she always has, that new puppy was getting the same treatment. It seems that Yoga has a new brother to contend with, and whenever Dad goes down to kiss his little face, Yoga wants to make sure Dad knows she’s there, too.

Luckily, Yoga’s mom and dad are pretty great people, and they’re certainly going to give the same amount of love and affection that they’ve always given her, but she’ll have to learn how to share that love! While things might be a bit weird for the first few months, something tells us that Yoga and this tiny baby are going to grow up to be the closest of friends, and soon enough Yoga’s going to be kissing him on the face more than Mom and Dad could!

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