A Community Came Together So This Sick Dog Could See 'Snow' One Last Time

868 views23 September 2016
At 12 years old, Spunky was a little slower and stiffer but still seemed to be a rather healthy dog. But then, one morning, Spunky didn’t eat his breakfast.

Ashley Niels, Spunky’s mom, said she knew something was wrong. The veterinarian gave the family the sad news.
Spunky had hemangiosarcoma, a kind of cancer that chemotherapy and surgery couldn’t help.

Spunky was bleeding internally and would need to be put to

sleep. Niels made the appointment for the following evening.
Then Niels remembered that she had promised Spunky, who has lived in Texas for years, that he would get to see snow again.

When Niels was in college in Wisconsin, she adopted Spunky and the two lived and loved the wintery season.

In 2008, they moved to Austin, Texas. They haven’t seen much snow in Texas and in the summer, the chance of seeing snow was impossible.

Except the staff and volunteers at Austin Animal Center, where Niels works, pitched in and rented a snow machine for Spunky! They took the snow machine to Neil’s house so Spunky could enjoy a man-made snow fall!

Niels admits that Spunky just sat there to make her happy. The veterinarian had an emergency and canceled Spunky’s appointment.

So they have had a few more days together. Spunky’s friend, a cat, named Merlin has been giving him a lot of attention.
The snow machine has been used to entertain the dogs at the shelter!

Niels said it was a beautiful thing for a group of people to come together to help her fulfill a promise to her Spunky.

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