Lightning strikes hiker and nearly kills him, but his loyal dog saves his life

1695 views11 September 2016
We’ve heard the phrase over and over again. Dogs are man’s best friend. Do we really know what that means though, or have we forgotten because its been repeated so many times?

I hope the story of a man and his German Shepherd will serve as a reminder that our furry loyal companions will do anything for us.
Jonathan Hartman and his friends were hiking up Mount Bierstadt in the Rocky Mountains one day when tragedy struck. As they were making their descent, Jonathan saw a bright flash of light before he was knocked completely unconscious.
When he woke up, he saw all this friends scattered away from him with injuries. A lightning bolt had struck the group.
That wasn’t the worst of it, however. Jonathan’s faithful German Shepherd, Rambo was slumped over the shoulder of one of his friends. Rambo had taken the brunt of the lightning strike and had passed away. If it wasn’t for Rambo being next to Jonathan when the lightning struck, Jonathan would’ve died.
Rambo saved Jonathan’s life, and Jonathan will forever be thankful.
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