Dog’s Heartbreaking Transformation After Being Lost For A Month In The Woods Made His Owner Cry

504 views 22 December 2016

How long do you wait for a lost dog to come home? Do you go out and look for a week or two? At some point, you may have to accept your dog is not coming home. Sandy had been gone for a month. One of the vet techs from Alpine Animal Clinic, saw the Chow mix stumbling in the woods while on a camping trip.

Sandy, 10-years-old, had traveled 18 miles from home. She was in terrible shape. A month is a long time to go without proper food and shelter. Doctors at the clinic believe that Sandy was just a few days away from having all her organs shut down. They had to shave her fur off to get the mats, ticks, and seeds off. Grab a tissue – or the whole box.

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