Reward Offered: Raped Dog Discovered Hanging From Tree

30053 views 09 September 2016
Hiking should be a time when you get some fresh air and exercise, and enjoy the beauty of nature around you. Not many of us get to experience being out in the wilderness, surrounded by peace and tranquility. This mountain biker got something else entirely when he was out in the woods of Thurston County, Washington.

While out, he came across the body of a deceased pit bull hanging from a tree only a few inches off the ground. The authorities were contacted, and they discovered that there were obvious signs of the dog being severely sexually assaulted. No one wants to think of the horrible suffering this dog had to endure in its final moments.

The case is being investigated by the Department of Natural Resources, The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Joint Animal Services. Anyone with information about the case is requested to call officer Erika Johnson at 360-352-2510. They’re hoping that someone will come forward with any information they may have on what happened or who the original owner of the dog is. Share away, people.

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