Dad Lets His Big Dog Meet The Newborn Baby & Seconds Later They Witness Something PRICELESS!

42850 views 09 September 2016
Bringing home a new baby can be exciting for everyone. But it’s always a gamble as to whether your pet will accept this new addition to the home. Some dogs get very excited and welcoming, while other dogs can become quite depressed now that their owners are focusing their attention on something else.

This new father decided to see what his dog would do by strapping a GoPro to his person and recording the whole thing. The pooch is patient as his mom and dad take their time getting the baby out of the care and let them get used to each other in the living room. The dog seems quiet shy about it, but with a little encouragement, he gives the baby a few sniffs, all while his tail is wagging a mile a minute.

It may be some time before they can actually play together, but this dog definitely has the patience to wait. Share away, people!

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