Each Day This Shelter Dog Makes His Bed While Waiting For Someone To Love Him

1657 views 04 October 2016
Everyone knows that dogs are very smart animals. They continue to amaze us with what they can do, what they can be taught, and also for what just comes naturally to them. For Rush, a lonely Pit Bull waiting to be adopted at a shelter in Kettering, Ohio, he has a very interesting routine that he does each and every day as he patiently waits for a family to adopt him. You see, dogs have a keen intellect, and despite living the lonesome life of a shelter dog, this smart boy knows that he’s gotta do something special to make himself stand out among the mix. So what does he do?? Well, he’s taught himself how to make his bed every day, so this way he can prove to his potential owners he’s a nice and tidy little fellow that would make the perfect addition to a loving home! Watch this little cutie in action

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