Dog Just Stares At Wall After His New Family Returned Him

9055 views 15 February 2017

If things aren’t working out between two humans, they will make an effort to make things work because that’s the way of life, but sadly for a dog, that’s not the case. If things doesn’t work out, they’re surrendered to a shelter without being given a chance to explain or show how much they love and care of their family.

This is the story of a dog called March, a dog who was surrendered without notice by his new family. The staff at ACCT Philly were very happy to learn that one of their resident dogs is finally going to their forever loving home. March was about to leave for home when suddenly for unknown reasons the adoption fell through and instead of going home, he ended up being returned to the Philadelphia city shelter. The poor boy thought life had given him a second chance…

If you or anyone you know is willing to give this disappointed dog a second chance to life, please email to know more about his adoption. Share away, people.

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