Dog Has A Heartbreaking Reaction When He Realizes His Family Is Surrendering Him

29013 views 25 January 2017

Meet Moses, a pit bull terrier who was adopted one year ago from the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in Modesto, California. 

Nancy Klein, an animal advocate and volunteer at the shelter wrote that Moses was one of the sweetest dogs she had ever met. She wanted to take Moses home with her herself, as he curled up on her lap without seconds of meeting him. 

However, Moses was adopted into a family and has since lived with children, dogs, and cats. But two days ago, (one year after he was adopted) Moses’ owner brought him back to the shelter to surrender him. 

Nancy described how Moses knew he was being given away when he came back to the shelter. “It’s like he ‘knew’ the way he clung to his owner,” stated Nancy. “I had to catch my breath. As I asked why he (the owner) said they had to move and he wasn’t allowed. I took out my phone and well …you can see for yourself.”

“My heart literally sank,” Nancy continued. “He wanted to meet everyone there, including the boy and his mom who were in the lobby. It took everything in me not to just take him home.”

The shelter wrote on their Facebook: “My name is Moses, and I am a neutered male, white and brown pit bull terrier. The shelter staff think I am about 4-years-old. I have been at the shelter since Jan 21, 2017. I am available for adoption or rescue on Jan 21, 2017.” For more information about this dog, call the Stanislaus Animal Shelter Agency at 209.558.7387. Ask for information about animal ID#A436891.”

We think moving is a poor excuse to surrender an animal. If you take on the responsibility of a pet, you should consider them when moving and making living arrangements accordingly. Sadly, this does not change what Moses’ owner did.

Someone, please adopt this beautiful angel!

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