When Their Dog Did THIS, They Knew He Really Was A Guardian Angel

5951 views09 September 2016
Four-year-old Sadie has type one diabetes and Down syndrome, which makes it quite difficult for her parents to monitor the little girl's blood sugar levels. That's where Hero comes in. The service dog has been specially trained to detect decreases in blood sugar. While many dogs have been trained to help diabetics in the same way, what Hero did one day is almost beyond comprehension

Little Sadie was at school five miles away from her home when Hero suddenly started whining to no end. Knowing something was wrong, her mom decided to call the school and ask them to check Sadie's blood sugar. Everything looked fine at first, but within a half hour, it had dropped from 122 to 82.

Hero thoroughly deserves his name.
If Sadie's blood sugar had dropped any lower, she could have slipped into a diabetic coma. Service animals are so incredible at what they do, and their dedication is absolutely unmatched.

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