When You See Who This Dog Was Standing Beside, You Will Cry

6807 views26 September 2016
WARNING: VERY SAD story ahead. A dog was found perched like a porcelain statue beside the corpse of his mate on the side of the road at Fort Worth in Dallas.

He was in mourning and never left his fallen comrade. Hours passed before a compassionate woman, Julie Fennell stopped by to check if the dog and his friend were okay. But, when she saw that the Pyrenees was in mourning, she began to make arrangements for the fallen dog. Seeing the blood trails from the road towards the body of his mate, Julie concluded that the comrade was victim of road accident.

And, the Pyrenees had dragged his loyal friend’s body to a safer place from the killing traffic. When a motorcyclist, Samuel Flores passed by, he also lend a helping hand to take the dog to the Animal Control. And, thanks to him we have these snaps of the dog’s true love for his friend.
Even with the investigation steered strong, no evidence was found about their mysterious friendship. As there was no collar or microchip on both the dogs, the dog’s story was just getting more mysterious.

Perhaps, the two met in the woods as stray pups and simply decided to stick together for life.

The current shelter will hold him for 72 hours, awaiting his previous owner. If not, he will soon be up for adoption by SPIN Rescue as they specialize in the rescue of Great Pyrenees dogs.

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