Therapy Dog Straps A Camera On, Catches Patients’ Faces Lighting Up When He Visits The Hospital

364 views18 September 2016
It’s never fun for a child to be stuck in one place for too long — especially if that place is the hospital.

Childhood is a time for playing outside and running around with friends, not being stuck in bed all day.

But that’s the way it goes for some children, and it comes down to their parents to try and make sure that their time is well-spent.

Between tests and treatments, parents do their best to make sure that some laughs are had and a few smiles shared throughout the day.

It isn’t always easy and it may take everything within a mother and father to keep their chins up during the worst time in their lives, but they do whatever they can for their child.

And, if they’re lucky, they have some help along the way.

Nurses working in children’s wards are known to be strong and positive enough to carry the parents on days when they just don’t have it inside of them to fake cheer.

And, when the nurses need a break, there are dogs.

Therapy dogs have been proven to bring comfort to hospital patients, and to prove it owner Tom Whalen strapped a camera to his dog Henry to film the reactions that people have when he walks up to them.

Needless to say, the faces are priceless.

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