Dog Who Lost His Nose Gives Rescuers The Sweetest Kisses

1632 views 13 September 2016
It is not known how Maverick got his painful, disfiguring injuries. He could have been attacked on the street or involved in dog fighting.

Regardless of how it happened, veterinarians believe Maverick has been missing big pieces of his mouth and nose for a long time. Some of his teeth are missing, and part of his nasal cavity is exposed.

Program director for Long Way Home Pit Bull Rescue, Amanda Dowell, said they are glad that he is no longer in any pain from his injury.

But they are also sad because Maverick didn’t have anyone to help him while it was healing. Maverick has a hard time eating because of his injuries.

There are cuts all over his shoulders, chest, and face. Some of the cuts are fresh. Maverick may be diabetic and is heartworm positive. Maverick was found about 2 weeks ago and taken to Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center.

DAS veterinarians stabilized him and put out a plea for a rescue group to come care for him. Long Way Home, a non-profit group, took Maverick in last Tuesday. Dowell says that most of the wound on his face has started healing.

Maverick is with a foster mom who is also a manager at a vet clinic. She will take care of Maverick as he heals both physically and emotionally. Maverick is on heartworm medication and is getting antibiotics.

He will learn how to eat, get neutered and get a lot of much-needed TLC! When he is healthy enough, he will be put up for adoption! Share away, people!

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