He Secretly Films His Mom's Dog Every Night. Now Watch When The TV Turns Off... HILARIOUS!

7225 views09 September 2016
Every night in millions and millions of homes all across America, there comes the time to take it easy after a long day. Some of us like to drink a glass of warm milk or tea while reading a book, while others sit back and watch the news or their favorite TV show.

But eventually it starts to get a bit late, and for those millions of homes, the television is turned off, the books are closed, the lights go out, and it’s time for bed.

But for one family in America, it seems that this nightly routine has happened so often, a very fluffy member of that household has learned exactly what it means when the television is turned off!

Just like Pavlov discovered years ago, this dog seems to have learned that when the little noise the television makes when it turns off occurs, it means that his humans are going to go to bed very soon.

Luke the dog has seen this happen so many times, the second he hears that noise, he pops up and walks right out of the living room and straight to the big bed in the bedroom. It’s time for this tired dog to get himself some beauty sleep!

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