Dog Accidentally Buried Alive Never Stopped Crying For Help

1591 views 06 February 2017

Keeping our dogs safe within our own yards can be a bit problematic, especially when they see something they really want. Teaching recall works well, but when they’re excited, they can forget everything they just learned.

Invisible fence collars can work too, but most dogs are willing to undergo that micro-second of pain if it means chasing a squirrel. But this dog got more than he bargained for when he escaped from his yard.

Twelve-year old Maverick the German Shepherd ended up buried alive in a sinkhole for over seventy-two hours. The owners’ first concern was that he had fallen through the ice of their nearby lake and had drowned, but even then they didn’t stop their search for their beloved dog.

While walking around, Lisa heard a sound from underground that was suspiciously like a howl. At first she thought it was a dog that was stuck in a drain pipe, but in her search, she and another man who stopped to help found a sinkhole. They found Maverick clinging to life and covered in mud.

Afraid that trying to dig him out would cause more mud to fall on him, they called the rescue authorities to help. It took about two hours of digging to get the tired pooch out, and was immediately rushed to the vet.

He was extremely weak and dehydrated, and remained there for the next few days. They discovered that one of his teeth had broken off, and he’d swallowed some of the clay that was stuck in his stomach.

After receiving some hydration and antibiotics, Maverick got to go home, and we can be sure he won’t be running off again anytime soon.

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[h/t Edition CNN]

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